McLaughlin's Energy Service

Our name says it all! Supplying customers with a variety of fuels, liquid propane gas and generators is our core business. We've been doing it since 1954, adding products and services as the supply of natural resources, and the preferences of consumers have changed. Today, we are a local area leader in sales and service of solutions for your heating and cooking needs. 

Some information about the fuels we sell:

Fuel Oil

Oil heat is a one of the most prominent uses of petroleum (with fuel for transportation being another). It remains an economical, efficient alternative to electricity, with the capacity to provide far greater BTU's per gallon than the equivalent kilowatt hours. At McLaughlin's we sell Fuel Oil, we deliver it, and we even have it available at a self-service pump outside our showroom. We can advise you on how to best use Oil heat for your home or business!


L.P. Gas

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (or Propane) is an environmentally-friendly alternative supply of energy for a variety of residential and business uses. At McLaughlin's, we have long recognized the importance of providing this product to consumers in our area. With a 60,000 gallon supply on-site, and radio dispatched "Bobtail" delivery trucks, we can bring this product to you for a wide variety of uses, including Central heating.

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Ever wonder why there is an odor to Propane Gas? Well, there's a reason, and our pamphlet entitled How is your nose.. can clear up the mystery for you -- and provide you with some important safety tips.


Whether it's used for main heating, emergencies, or its most popular use for supplemental heating, K-1 Kerosene is an economical, alternative energy source. At McLaughlin's you can drive up to our self-service pump outside our showroom, and fill your approved safety containers.