We offer a full line of services to our customers. Save on heating costs and avoid breakdowns later by calling to schedule a tune-up on your Oil or LP Gas heating system. Call now to submit your name to the list of Yearly Cleaning Services we do for our many satisfied customers.    To request service, click here

Gas Fireplaces and Stoves

We specialize in Cleaning and Servicing Vented and Vent Free Gas Stoves, Inserts, Logs, Fireplaces, and Heaters for our customers. We cannot stress enough, the importance of keeping all vent free systems cleaned and clear of any blockages.

Automatic Fuel Refill

We were one of the first dealers in the area to offer Automatic Delivery. Calculating the Degree Days during the heating season, we then take into account the K-Factor for your system. (What used to be done on a slide rule is now calculated with modern computers.) Either way, we can accurately project when you will need your next delivery, and we we'll be there, with no hassle, and no need for you to call for delivery. Stop by or call today to get information on how you can rest easy this winter, knowing your tank will always be full.

Budget Plan


Also, one of our most popular services -- one of convenience for many customers -- is our popular Budget Plan. You can spread your Fuel Oil costs for the winter over 10 months (LP Gas can even go to 12 months), and rest easy knowing exactly what is required each month. AND, if you have a need for both Fuel Oil and LP Gas services, you can combine the payments into one convenient Budget Plan! Talk to our staff about how we can help you keep warm and cozy all winter long, and divide the cost over an extended period of time.

Propane and Heating Oil Refueling

Got Propane?

Well, we can fill your tank if you do -- from 5lb to 1,900 Gallons, our customers have come to rely on our safe and professional service for their propane systems.  Our "Bob Tail" trucks are radio dispatched, and ready to fill your larger tanks at your location. We can hook up your barbecue grill to your larger permanent gas cylinder so you never need to run out of gas for cooking! 

Refill Station

Propane Refill station while you wait! $12 Gets your grill bottle topped off with 4 gallons of fuel. Where other exchange stations you're paying more and only getting 3 gallons of fuel. Don't throw money away on an exchange cylinder at one of the big box stores. Just check the label next time you see one! We can also fill 30 - 100# tanks on site while you wait!