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Know someone who can use a happier Home Heating Fuel/Energy solutions experience? Well good news, you can both take $25 off your bill. Got a lot of friends? You can save up to $300 each year.

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If you’ve been referred by a friend, click here to complete the referral process.

Good friends are hard to find (but surprisingly easy to refer).

Referral Steps

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  2. There is no step two! We've sent your friend everything they need to complete the process. Once they do, you'll both receive your credits.

It's the best money you never spent.

Every time you refer a friend to McLaughlin's Energy Services, we'll take $25 off both of your bills. That's a $5 credit for 5 months, leaving you with extra cash to spend on something other than your fuel or heating bill. Some fancy cheese, perhaps? Socks with your dog's face on them? The world is your oyster.

Save your friends and your money.

Got a friend who really needs a break-up with their current provider? Send a referral to help them move on. As Waynesboro's happiest home heating fuel/energy solutions, as well as the most recommended, we've got your back and all your friends' backs too.

Spread the word. And the savings.

Start sending those referrals today and you’ll be saving money on your bill in no time.

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