Summer Service Special

Gas Logs, Heaters, etc.

$119.00 (1) vent-free appliance

$69.00 each additional VF

$139.00 (1) vented appliance

$99.00 each additional vented

Parts additional

Added repairs may require additional charges.

Oil & Gas Boilers, Furnaces & AC

$119.00 Gas Hot air furnace

$129.00 Oil Hot air furnace

$139.00 Hot water boiler

$129.00 Heat Pump/AC only

$189.00 Furnace & AC/HP

Parts additional

+$25.00 Non-fuel Accounts (NG, etc)

+$9.95 Hazmat & EPA adherance fee

Must receive order for work by August 31st and accept scheduling by September 30th or services will be billed by time and material. Clean and service may not be available after December 1st.


We strongly encourage you to have your comfort systems professionally cleaned, serviced, and tuned to provide peak performance for the coming season.

All vent-free units especially need attention on a regular basis as they use room air to mix with the gas. They in turn gather dust, dander and pet hair, etc. on the pilot and burners. This can eventually shut down the air supply and cause soot. Usually, the ODS safety system will start shutting down before this happens.

Most vented systems bring in outside air so they aren’t as critical but still need serviced regularly.

Furnaces and boilers should be cleaned and serviced annually to keep them running at peak efficiency.

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McLaughlin’s Products:

Fuel Oil, Kerosene, Propane Delivery

LP Cylinder refill station Off Road Diesel

Fuel Oil and Kerosene Self-Serve

Propane Gas Sales & Service for:
Cooking, Water Heating, Clothes Drying, Furnaces & Boilers, Space Heating, Tank and Tankless Water Heaters, Generators, Gas Logs, Fireplaces, Firepits

Oil & Gas Furnace & Boiler Installations as well as Air Conditioning!

Outdoor Living Products
Custom Ordered Premium Grills

Authorized Generac Emergency Generator Sales & Service

We have a Show Room of 30+ Live Burning gas logs and fireplaces!

Also Penn Mar Leisures Spa Chemicals Supplies and Accessories

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I would like you to call to set up an appointment to service my comfort system
Do this automatically yearly
I would like to receive information on service agreements to provide me heating and/or cooling systems with comprehensive coverage.
I would like a free estimate to upgrade or replace my comfort system.
I would like to be on automatic, keep full watchdog service for my fuel deliveries (with credit approval)
I would like you to design an Equal Monthly Payment Plan for my fuel deliveries. This is a free service!
I would like contacted about the pre-buy propane plan. (200 gallon minimum)
I would like you to send me information on gas logs, fireplaces, zone heaters.
I would like information on stand-by automatic generators.